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Solid Success Training Blog

Are You Making Recruiting Difficult?

by Tonya Grimes on 02/06/16

Are you making recruiting difficult? Respond yes or no to the statements below.

1. It takes me an hour or more to prepare information for a potential recruit.

2. I drag my feet when it comes to inviting prospects.

3. I give my potential recruit a lot of information and the meeting takes an hour or more.

4. I do most of the talking during the meeting.

5. I don't ask very many questions during my recruiting meetings.

6. I don't expect an answer from my potential recruits right away.

7. I end up with a lot of potential recruits on the fence.

8. I have trouble getting people interested in my business opportunity.

9. I can't find anyone like me to do this business.

10. I'm tired of asking my friends and family to get involved.

How many yes's did you have?  Even if you had one yes, that one yes tells me you are making recruiting way harder than it needs to be. Over the next few weeks, I'll spend some time teaching you how simple recruiting can be and equip you with the skill set needed to get good at recruiting.

Here's your first lesson...don't wait until everything is perfect to recruit. So many consultants wait until they are confident, organized, know it all, have years of experience, and the perfect timing before they make the decision to get serious about recruiting. Perfect doesn't happen and you're wasting time and losing out on good people and income if you are waiting. Who cares if you're desk is piled high right now....get on the phone and call up a potential. Who cares if you just started your business 3 months ago...use the experience of your uplines and your company to help shorten your learning curve. Who cares if you aren't 100% confident in knowing exactly how to won't learn and grow unless you dig in and starting doing!

Here's your homework until next time: Make a list of 25 potential recruits, along with their contact information. Put the names into a notebook or spreadsheet so you can stay organized. These people may be from past parties; people who have bought a lot of products from you; or your hostesses. This list is going to become like gold as we proceed forward over the next few days together.

In the meantime, if you want to learn my recruiting system that has been proven to help you simplify and get the recruiting numbers you need, then get Gold Mine Recruiting CD. It will change your recruiting mindset and equip you with the knowledge and tools it takes to build this unbelievable stream of income we call recruiting.